Election week with POWER 88.3

October 16, 2020 - News

The talk all over the country is Election day! So, POWER 88.3 – the home of youth voice took the initiative of inviting all of our Rotorua candidates to come for a chat live on air on the 8th and 9th of October.

We received an overwhelming response from local candidates and had a visit from Alan Tane Solomon (New Conservatives), Nicole McKee (ACT), Claire Mahon (Labour), Todd Mclay (National), Karri-Ann Vercoe (One party), Kaya Sparke (Green Party), Fletcher Tabuteau (NZ First) and Kiri Ward (Advance NZ). Unfortunately Hannah Tamaki (Vision NZ), Tamati Coffey (Labour) and Rawiri Waititi (Maori Party) were not able to attend.

Candidates were asked how their campaign trail is going and where they stand on policies that relate to young people now or in the future. We also asked them if they were for or against the voting age being lowered to 16. Most shared the opinion that unless young people were educated on political matters at school, that 16 was too young to understand the importance of their voting decision.

The young people running the show had the opportunity to demonstrate excellence in all of the key priority areas that we set out to achieve with the Radio and Broadcasting programme. Graduates of the radio and broadcasting programme have worked as a team, take on various roles within that team, demonstrated a high standard of interpersonal skills, including communication, decision-making, assertiveness, and their ability to create healthy relationships with others on the programme. They have demonstrated the ability to set goals and develop a plan, utilise their individual strengths.

Outstanding employability skills have also been demonstrated including displaying extremely positive attitude, excellence in communication skills, thinking on their feet, self-management and leadership! Click here to learn more about the POWER 88.3 training programme.

Each expanded on questions asked and engaged the candidates in excellent conversation.

We are extremely proud of each young person involved in these series of interviews.

If you would like to check out the interviews, see the videos below.


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