Shanara Tuaupiki on POWER

February 1, 2021 - Interviews

Some may be aware that POWER 88.3 in Rotorua has on air thanks to some amazing funders and the Ministry of Youth Development.
Shanara Tuaupiki is our new Regional Relationship Manager for the Ministry of Youth Development and only a couple of months in to the job, Shanara made time to come and visit the Rotorua Youth Centre to see what we do and how their investment is developing young people and enhancing their futures.
Logan and Liam from POWER 88.3 also interviewed Shanara Tuaupiki regarding her new role and the difference she wants to make through her work with the Ministry.
Shanara (who once dreamed of being a radio announcer) even did her very first Voicebreak ever.
Check out the interview here.

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