Joyride Release – I Can’t Wait

Children’s Day

On Saturday 4 March, the youth from POWER 88.3 were involved in Children’s Day, a nationwide day set aside to celebrate our tamariki! It is a day dedicated to our children to promote tamariki wellbeing, celebrate childhood and create networks of support for our tamariki, rangatahi and whānau. As well ...

2022 Mayoral Candidates

In the first week of the July school holidays from 10am to 2pm, radio students Allana, Kaiyah and Zisus ran their own shows – The Power Workday! As luck would have it, Rotorua is heading towards its local mayor elections, and so we thought this would be a great opportunity ...

First time on air

We love seeing that moment of elation as young people from a local high school complete their very first voice break on youth radio! This never gets tiring!

Meet Quin

Meet Quinn, who has been on the radio workshop for a year. He is the youngest member of the group and has learnt so much. Hi, my name is Quin Doube and I am 13 and from Rotorua I wanted to do the radio workshop because I knew that I ...


Students from Awhina school do their first ever voice break on POWER 88.3. See the fear turn in to elation as they conquer their fears head on!


Youth from Awhina school do their first podcast on POWER 88.3


Meet Neitan, one of our awesome graduates of the radio and broadcasting programme with POWER 88.3

Perseverance with Te Hiringa

Watching our youth have a go at a voice break for the first time is always awesome. This one in particular is amazing! Watching one shy student attempt to engage his co-host is hilarious. 2 young people from our Te Hiringa programme have their first interview on air!

Power Up

Pretty excited about our own POWER 88.3 brand water bottles! Hurry up COVID so we can get to some events! POWER UP^ at www.power.org.nz

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