Dj Life

2022 Mayoral Candidates

In the first week of the July school holidays from 10am to 2pm, radio students Allana, Kaiyah and Zisus ran their own shows – The Power Workday! As luck would have it, Rotorua is heading towards its local mayor elections, and so we thought this would be a great opportunity ...

Meet Quin

Meet Quinn, who has been on the radio workshop for a year. He is the youngest member of the group and has learnt so much. Hi, my name is Quin Doube and I am 13 and from Rotorua I wanted to do the radio workshop because I knew that I ...

Meet Keisha

Meet Keisha, She completed our radio workshop. She started off quiet and cautious at the beginning of the workshop but over time the radio workshop gave her the confidence to be herself and she now has aspirations of being a youth mentor. If you are interested in being part of ...

Sooo Liam, what got you in to Youth Radio?

We asked Liam what got him involved in POWER 88.3. Here’s what he said..

Logan gets his own Live Radio Show

Logan, one of the POWER 88.3 Radio and Broadcasting programme graduates, has dreamed of becoming a radio announcer since he was four years old. When Logan (now 15 years old) saw an advert for the Rotorua Youth Centres POWER 88.3 Radio Broadcasting programme on his Facebook feed, Logan saw the ...

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