Children’s Day

On Saturday 4 March, the youth from POWER 88.3 were involved in Children’s Day, a nationwide day set aside to celebrate our tamariki! It is a day dedicated to our children to promote tamariki wellbeing, celebrate childhood and create networks of support for our tamariki, rangatahi and whānau. As well ...


Students from Awhina school do their first ever voice break on POWER 88.3. See the fear turn in to elation as they conquer their fears head on!


Meet Neitan, one of our awesome graduates of the radio and broadcasting programme with POWER 88.3

Shanara Tuaupiki on POWER

Some may be aware that POWER 88.3 in Rotorua has on air thanks to some amazing funders and the Ministry of Youth Development. Shanara Tuaupiki is our new Regional Relationship Manager for the Ministry of Youth Development and only a couple of months in to the job, Shanara made time ...

Election week with POWER 88.3

The talk all over the country is Election day! So, POWER 88.3 – the home of youth voice took the initiative of inviting all of our Rotorua candidates to come for a chat live on air on the 8th and 9th of October. We received an overwhelming response from local candidates and ...

Logan gets his own Live Radio Show

Logan, one of the POWER 88.3 Radio and Broadcasting programme graduates, has dreamed of becoming a radio announcer since he was four years old. When Logan (now 15 years old) saw an advert for the Rotorua Youth Centres POWER 88.3 Radio Broadcasting programme on his Facebook feed, Logan saw the ...

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